Flambée rebrands as Pizza Byronz

September 04, 2020

By Robin Miller | The Advocate

Bistro Byronz and Flambée Cafe were located only steps from each other in a Perkins Road strip mall, but most diners never made a connection between the two eateries.

"I would walk over to Bistro Byronz and talk to some of the diners in the courtyard and ask, 'Have you tried Flambée?'" said Emelie Alton, CEO of Byronz Family Restaurants. "And they'd say, 'No, where is it?'"

Alton would point to the restaurant across the street.

"They'd ask, 'Is that yours, too?'" she said. "They just didn't know."

Now they do.

Flambée Cafe closed during the coronavirus lockdown and reopened on Aug. 4 with a new concept and menu as Pizza Byronz.


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